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Part I Dialogue Communication ( 10 % )
.Client: Hello. May I speak to Mr. Turner?
    Secretary :
I' m sorry. He' s at a meeting now.
2.Mary: Tom, would you like to go to a party this Sunday?
Seems all right. What kind of party
    Mary: It' s a birthday party.
3.W: I don' t know why we listen to George?
I don' t know exactly why, either.
4.W: It seems to be clearing up.
It' s such a nice change.
5.Speaker A: Sam, I' m calling to say goodbye to you, as I' m leaving this afternoon.
    Speaker B :
Take care and I wish you a pleasant journey.

6.Salesman: How would you like this one? It's only 699. It is on sale(大甩卖).
Are you sure it is on sale? It is expensive, I think.

7.Speaker A: Hi, John. Nice to meet you again. How is your project going?
    Speaker B :
Nice to meet you, too. My project has gone well as we expected.
8.W : How long can I keep the book?
Three weeks. But you can renew it if you need it for a longer time.
9.Speaker A: I' m terribly sorry for being so careless.
    Speaker B :
Never mind.
Speaker A: So far as I can see, it is the fault on the third party.
    Speaker B :
Yes. I can' t agree more.

Part II  Reading Comprehension(40 points)

DirectionsThere are 4 passages in this part.

Each passage is followed by some questions

or unfinished statementsFor each of them

there are four choices marked ABC and

DYou should decide on the best choice and

mark the corresponding letter on the Answer

Sheet with a single line through the center

Passage 1

  The French Revolution broke out in 1789. At the time France was in a crisis. The government was badly run and people’s lives were miserable. King Louis XIV tried to control the national parliament and raise more taxes. But his effort failed. He ordered his troops to Versailles. The people thought that Louis intended to put down the Revolution by force. On July 14,1789, they stormed and took the Bastille, where political prisoners were kept. Ever since that day, July 14 has been the French National Day. Louis tried to flee the country in 1792 to get support from Austria and Prussia. However, he was caught and put in prison. In September 1792, the monarchy was abolished. In the same year, Louis was executed. A few months later his wife, Marie also had her head cut off. The Revolution of France had frightened the other kings of Europe. Armies from Austria and Prussia began to march against France. The French raised republican armies to defend the nation. The Revolution went through a period of terror. Thousands of people lost their lives. In the end, power passed to Napoleon Bonaparte.

11. What’s this passage about? The French Revolution.

12. Which did not happen in 1789?The national economy was developing rapidly.

13. Where were the political prisoners kept?In Bastille.

14. What does the underlined word “abolished” mean?Ended.

15. What was NOT the effect of the Revolution? The king tried to control the national parliament.

Passage 2

  Many older Americans spend their final years in a nursing home or assisted living center. These places provide services that help older adults with activities they can no longer do on their own. However, most people say they would like to remain in their own homes. Now, there are nonprofit groups that help them do that.

    Philip Smith is ninety-one years old and lives with his wife in an old house in Seattle, Washington. And he wants to keep it that way. He always says: "As far as I'm concerned, I would not like to leave this place. Living in a group situation is something I couldn't tolerate. I'd kill myself before I had to do that."

    Mr. Smith says he and his wife can take good care of themselves in their two-level house. But he and his wife know they will soon need help with simple housework. Work like changing a light bulb that hangs at the top of the stairs. In the past, an older American would ask one of their children or a neighborhood teenager to change the light bulb. But here, those young helpers have grown up and gone. Mr. and Mrs. Smith have 3 kids, but they all live in other states. So the Smiths are considering joining a "virtual village." This is a local group of volunteers and service providers that help older adults age in place. They might help these adults with anything from transportation to small home repairs and dog walking.

The virtual village idea was first developed about ten years ago in Boston, Massachusetts. The idea has spread to an unofficial network of villages around the country. One hundred fifty are currently in development.

16. Mr. Smith doesnt like living in a nursing home, becausehe hates to live with many other people together

17. Now Mr. and Mrs. Smith cant get help from their children, because their children have grown up and long gone

18. What volunteer service for the seniors is not mentioned in the passage?Cooking meals for them.

19. What is the idea of virtual village?Seniors live in their own home with the help of volunteers.

20. The different between nursing home and virtual village is thatin the latter older people can get help in their own home

Passage Three

A foreigner’s first impression of the U.S. is likely to be that everyone is in a rush-often under pressure. City people appear always to be hurrying to get where they are going restlessly, seeking attention in a store, and elbowing others as they try to complete their errands (任务). Racing through daytime meals is part of the pace of life in this country.

  Working time is considered precious. Others in public eating places are waiting for you to finish so that they too can be served and get back to work within the time allowed. Each person hurries to make room for the next person. If you don’t, waiters will hurry you.

  You also find drivers will be abrupt and that people will push past you. You will miss smiles, brief conversations, and small courtesies with strangers. Don’t take it personally. This is because people value time highly, and they resent someone else “wasting” it beyond a certain courtesy point.

  The view of time affects the importance we attach to patience. In the American system of values, patience is not a high priority. Many of us have what might be called “a short fuse.” We begin to move restlessly about if we feel time is slipping away without some returnbe this in terms of pleasure, work value, or rest. Those coming from lands where time is looked upon differently may find this matter of pace to be one of their most difficult adjustments in both business and daily life.

  Many newcomers to the States will miss the opening courtesy of a business call, for example, they will miss the ritual socializing that goes with a welcoming cup of tea or coffee they may be traditional in their own country. They may miss leisurely business chats in a café or coffeehouse. Normally, Americans do not assess their visitors in such relaxed surroundings over prolonged small talks. We seek out evidence of past performance rather than evaluate a business colleague through social courtesies. Since we generally assess and probe professionally rather than socially, we start talking business very quickly. (348 words)

 21. Which of the following statements is wrong? Americans attach less importance to patience.

 22. In the fourth paragraph, “a high priority” means an attractive gift

 23. Americans evaluate a business colleague through prolonged business talks

24. This passage mainly talks about how Americans treasure their time

 25. We can infer from the passage that the author’s tone in writing is appreciative

Passage Four

It is difficult to imagine what life would be like without memory. The meanings of thou-sands of everyday perceptions . the bases for the decisions we make, and the roots of our habits and skills are to be found in our past experiences, which are brought into the present by memory.
    Memory can be defined as the capacity to keep information available for later use. It includes not only "remembering" things like arithmetic or historical facts, but also involving any change in the way an animal typically behaves. Memory is involved when a rat gives up eating grain be-cause he has sniffed something suspicious in the grain pile. Memory is also involved when a six-year-old child learns to swing a baseball bat.
    Memory exists not only in humans and animals but also in some physical objects and machines. Computers, for example, contain devices for storing data for later use. It is interesting to compare the memory-storage capacity of a computer with that of a human being. The instant-access memory of a large computer may hold up to 100,000 "words"--ready for instant use. An average U.S. teenager probably recognizes the meaning of about 100,000 words of English. However, this is but a fraction of the total amount of information which the teenager has stored. Consider, for example, the number of faces and places that the teenager can recognize on sight.
    The use of words is the basis of the advanced problem-solving intelligence of human beings.
A large part of a person' s memory is in terms of words and combinations of words.
26. According to the passage, memory is considered to be
an ability to store experiences for future use
27.The comparison made between the memory capacity of a large computer and that   of a human being shows that
the computer' s memory capacity is much smaller even than a teenager' s
The whole passage implies thatanimals are able to solve only very simple problems
The phrase "in terms of" in the last sentence can best be replaced by"expressed by"
The topic of the passage is: Memory is of vital importance to life.

Part III  Vocabulary and Structure

Directions: There are 10 incomplete

sentences in this part. For each sentence

there are four choices marked A), B), C) and

D) Choose the ONE answer that best

completes the sentence. Then mark the

corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet

with a single line through the centre.

31. He wasintelligent enough to understand my questions from the gestures I made.

32. I tried to get out of the business,which I found impossible.

33. I didn’t know what to do but then an idea suddenly occurred to me.

34. It is necessary that onetakean entrance examination to be admitted to a college.

35. Whether he agrees or not will be of noconsequence to our decision.

36. The meeting has beenput offtill next Tuesday.

37. There has been anappreciablechange in the village recently.

38. _ But for the traffic jam, we would have caught our train.

39. He never let me down when I need his support.

40.The idea of a balanced diet is very difficult to put acrossanyone who knows nothing about food values.

Part IV  Cloze   (10 POINTS)

Directions: There are 10 blanks in the

following passage. For each blank there are

four choice marked A), B), C) and D) below

the passage. You should choose the ONE that

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