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1. The size of the castle and its commanding position still impress the visitors today.

2. Lee is coming on very well now, and it’s a matter of deciding how to fit him into the team.

3. Feed plants and they grow; neglect them and they suffer.

4. There are many theories that claim to be able to predict whether you will give birth to a girl or a boy.

5. The authorities wouldn’t grant us permission to fly all the way down to San Francisco.

6. It was only by a great effort of will and courage that he was able to pull himself together.

7. Even though I’m quite a reserved person, I like meeting people.

8. Few people nowadays are able to maintain friendship into their senior years.

9. The necklace has 96 pieces and they are worth, individually and collectively, a lot of money.

10. If you don’t agree with me, neither will they.

11. Although Americans have different views on many issues, they tend to agree on one subject: taxes are too high.

12. His sickness, combined with terrible weather, has completely ruined this long-expected trip.

13. After what seemed to be an endless wait, it was finally his turn to have the interview.

14. The demand made by the workers is that their salaries be increased to cover the increased cost of living.

15. He is, by far, and will be for a time to come, the best basketball player in the history of the game.

16. When we arrived at the airport, we were told our flight had been cancelled.

17. After careful investigation we find that one of the statements has turned out to be untrue.

18. Without the sun’s light warming the earth’s surface, no life could exist on the earth.

19. How close parents are to their children has  a strong influence on the character of their children.

20. It is high time that the international community worked together to fight against terrorism.

21. Poor educational performance is sometimes related to emotional disturbance.
22. Researchers sometimes become frustrated when their efforts appear to have produced less obvious results.
23. Once the excitement of watching TV all day has worn off, holidays can be boring.
24. It was considered impolite by many to discuss business on social occasions.
25. Doctors have decided the only way he can live anything near a( n)  normal life is to give him an operation.
26. It is very important for the staff to dress in something appropriate to the job.
27. After running through the numbers in every possible combination, we finally hit on a solution.
28. Either he escaped, or he was put in prison; in any case, he was never seen again.
29. We should put aside our differences and discuss the things we have in common.

30. Seldom did we realize that many of our hair problems result from what we eat.
31. Mark needs to travel extensively with his varied business interests.
32. A country whose birth rate is higher than its death rate will have an increasing population.
33. There is nothing about women giving up careers to look after children.
34. A recent poll suggested that if money were not an issue, most people would prefer not to work at all.
35. It is worth remembering that even the most complex scientific ideas can eventually affect one’s daily life.
36. The degree to which you maintain your mental health may depend on certain simple environ mental factors.
37. Scarcely had they settled in their seats in the cinema when the film began.
38. This project is said to be being carried out right now and so far everything is going on quite smoothly.
39. It is generally agreed that the Internet has brought people together more than has any other invention.
40. Whatever the price, it is a thousand times worth it.
41. Why are you laughing at me? You don’t know the answer, either.
42. In order to be back in shape, I managed to stick to the diet and keep off sweet foods.
43. I certainly appreciate you bringing this lovely girl to my attention at that party.
44. There are more pressing matters to be attended to at the moment.
45. Had it not been for the doctor on board the plane, the passenger could have ended up dead.
46. A crisis like that of 1973-74 could put one in ten companies into bankruptcy.
47. That vase is worth one million pounds now. If only you hadn’t sold it!
48. There are no vacant seats on this flight, but there are a few available on the next one.
49. Technology for text messaging has been available to the general public for about a decade.
50. The new policy is meant to force enterprises and individuals to adopt energy-saving measures.
51. The house is too small for a family of seven, and moreover, it’s too far away from the city.
52. I believe Eugene Linen’s writings about animal intelligence will give you a new perspective on the subject.
53. My boyfriend bought me a big dinner to make up for being late for our date the day before.
54. The little girl did not seem to be in the least frightened of being left alone in the dark house.
55. To use the machine, first insert the proper coins, then select the drink you want and press the button.
56. Ever since the new movie came out, the leading actor and actress have tried to avoid their fans.
57. When we say that we see light at the end of tunnel, we mean that victory is in sight.
58. These laws are intended to protect the people and prevent government officials from abusing their power.
59. All the movies I wanted to rent were not available, so as a (n) alternative I went home and watched television.
60. Many of the people questioned refused to answer any questions.

61. We are planning to have our old car repainted next week.

62. How close parents are to their children has a strong influence on the character of their children.

63. Simon doesn't have any problem getting to work at 8:00 in the morning. ?

64. Many companies in smaller cities are offering such great professional opportunities that some graduates have a hard time turning them down.

65. He said we should know the author and his works, but I couldn't remember having read any of those books.

66. Their home is situated within easy access to shops and other facilities.

67. Their home is situated within easy access to shops and other facilities.

68. In the meantime, the question facing the committee is whether such research is worth the costs.

69. It is worth remembering that even the most complex scientific ideas can eventually affect one's daily life.

70. We stored up some food and water in case things got worse.

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