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1. The fishing boat that has been tied up at the pier for three days (was) finally on its way this morning.

2. I can’t eat out tonight. I have (too much homework) to do.

3. Was the teacher’s (explanation) clear?

4. Neither Luis nor his parents (are) the least bit interested in keeping in touch with Tom.

5. You don’t hear (much) news about that accident.

6. I need (a piece of wood) to finish the chair.

7. The mayor together with his two brothers (is) going to be indicted for accepting bribes.

8. He told us that John, as well as his brother, (was) coming to the party.

9. –I can’t find my wallet. –(Might you have left) it at home?

10. All the students went to the magic show yesterday. It was really (amusing).

11. George avoided (answering) questions about his drug use.

12. I got to the cinema and saw that the film (had already started).

13. I’d have bought the bigger model if I (had been able to) afford it.

14. It’s high time we (sent) him a registered letter.

15. I (am used to reading) the paper after lunch. That’s one of the things I really enjoy.

16. What do you think (about taking) a taxi to the airport?

17. The film in my camera is finished. I need to get it (developed).

18. Dad wondered where I’d been, and I (made up) a story about being at Grandma’s.

19. Mary was astonished that she (was turned down) for the counselor’s position.

20. The weather is awful. I wish it (would stop) raining.

21. I am sure (your being) here will please them.

22. I’m really quite lost. (Would you mind showing) me how to get out of here?

23. Our customer’s money (will be refunded) if they’re not satisfied with the product.

24. –Nancy’s grades are really bad. –Yes, but Tom’s are (worse).

25. Everyone was home for the holidays. What could make for (a merrier) Christmas than that?

26. Karen is rich; (however) her cousin Kate is poor.

27. She’s gone already? And I am only (a few) minutes late!

28. –What was your impression of last night’s movie? –(Honestly) speaking, I thought it was rather boring.

29. In the past, we needed (less mathematics) than today.

30. That child is (old enough to) take care of himself.

31. Those are probably the (fanciest) curtains in the store.

32. Uncle Carl is really (a sweet old) man.

33. Your sister doesn’t study as (hard) as you do.

34. –Who has been planning the dance?  –Everyone in the class (has).

35. I have just finished a book about a piano player (whose) sole ambition in life was to perform for the Pope.

36. (Every) man, woman, and child in the US should wear a seat belt.

37. He speaks (both) English and German.

38. He’s (so stubborn a man) that nobody likes him.

39. (None) of them was good enough to use.

40. By the time dinner began (both) bottles of milk had spoiled.

41. There were (no) magazines in the convenience store.

42. He is always complaining about one thing or (another).

43. None of you (has) to stay until the game is over, if you don’t want to.

44. The education of (the) young is always (a) hot and serious topic.

45. He spent too much time talking on (the) phone while we were all busy at (/) work.

46. –Did you happen to see (the) black and (the) white cat?

47. The cakes are delicious. I’d like to have (a) third one as (the) second one I ate was too small.

48. Mandela was (the) first President elected in (/) South Africa.

49. You look (as if) you haven’t eaten for a week.

50. (Even though) it was raining very hard, we would like to have gone to the park.

51. I’m not leaving (until) I get an apology from you.

52. Everything depends on (whether) we get a raise in our salary.

53. I must work hard, (or) I’ll fail in the exam.

54. You may borrow this book (so long as) you promise to give it back.

55. For a person with reading habits, a printed page contains not only words (but) ideas, thoughts and feelings.

56. I was on the point of going to bed (when) Mr. Zhang rang.

57. Seven years have passed (since) I came to America.

58. I was so familiar with her that I recognized her voice (the moment) I picked up the phone.

59. A small percentage of the grain (was) ruined by the prolonged rain.

60. Three-fourths of the buildings (were) ruined after the earthquick.

61. Five hundred yuan a week (is) enough to live on.

62. Americans eat (more than twice as many) vegetables per person today as they did in 1910.

63. Who is that man, (the first) in the front row?

64. I believe, every year (millions of people) watch NBA on TV.

65. It was his nervousness in the interview (that) probably lost him the job.

66. Hardly (had she sat) down (when) the phone rang.

67. Now it won’t be long before we meet again, (will it)?

68. Only in the Civil War (were so many American soldiers) killed or wounded.

69. You (didn’t understand) me, did you?

70. The teacher should explain the lesson, (shouldn’t he)?

71. Little (do they suspect) that their plan has been discovered.

72. She hasn’t read the article, nor (has she written) the essay.

73. He might do it, and so (might his best friend).

74. What (delicious coffee) this is !

75. (Each) sex has its own physical and psychological characteristics.

76. I’ve been taking English lessons for 3 months but I (still) haven’t made much progress.

77. You would like the window open, (wouldn’t you)?

78. Don’t forget to turn off the heating before (leaving) the house.

79. Had you worked harder, you (would have learned) a lot more.

80. He (has been living) in that hotel since the beginning of August.

81. Until last year, she was the largest ship that (had ever been built).

82. Portuguese is quite (similar to) Spanish.

83. You’d better go now, (or else) you’ll miss the next train.

84. Speak louder so that you can make yourself (heard).

85. The teacher had the monitor (hand out) the papers.

86. Seldom (can you see) her in the public.

87. I didn’t do as (badly today as) I did yesterday.

88. Don’t leave your books near the open fire. They might easily (catch fire).

89. You are welcome to order the goods now. But payment should be made (in advance).

90. –Which car you like better between the two? –(Neither) one is exactly what I like.

91. The manager resigned yesterday, but his resignation hasn’t been officially announced (yet).

92. Have another cup of coffee, (won’t you)?

93. I stopped (living) in London when I realized it was time for me to move on.

94. He made it a rule never (to get up) late.

95. That’s the best speech (I’ve ever heard).

96. Not only (does he need) financial support, he needs encouragement as well.

97. I cannot understand my neighbour’s accent. I wish she (would speak more clearly).

98. I would rather (have) a quiet cup of coffee in the office than sit in a noisy café.

99. I went to have my glasses (fitted).

100. We were (worn out) after all the hard work.

101. –When (are we) leaving for Toronto, Canada? –We are planning to set out at 10 o’clock.

102. It was the second time (that) he visited that country to look for a partner.

103. There was plenty of time for her to catch the train. She (needn’t have hurried).

104. What he says and what he does (do) not agree.

105. Either of (the girls) is quite capable of the work.

106. Emma only moved house last week and she (always) knows her neighbors!

107. Let me help you, (won’t you)?

108. I am looking forward to (seeing) the film again.

109. (We signed) a contract last year and it is still valid.

110. I really have to go now. I have (an appointment with) the doctor.

111. We saw (quite a few) wild animals while on vacation.

112. (What if) we choose the seventh floor instead of the sixth of the new building? Do you think that there will be more sunshine?

113. No cat and no dog (is allowed) to get into the public park.

114. (Whenever) the boss pays us a visit, everyone is vey nernous and on their best behaviour.

115. I’m thinking of going to the match on Saturday. So (am I).

116. How can he do so much work? He (must) stay late at the office every evening and take work home at weekends.

117. I really believe (in) this project and will do everything I can to support it.

118. When he (comes), tell him that I’ve already left.

119. I much prefer this candidate. I thought she was (far) better than the other one.

120. (None) of them knew about the plan because it was secret.

121. Take your vaccination certificate with you (in case) they ask for it at the airport.

122. I intend to study English (to understand) American business methods.

123. You mustn’t mind (taking) trouble over the cooking if you want your guests to enjoy their meal.

124. I (have been waiting) for the bus for the past 20 minutes and still it has not come.

125. (Had I been told) earlier, I might have done that in a totally different way.

126. You can’t believe that he was a (tall handsome fashion) model when he was young.

127. Mary’s house is (next to) the hair salon. Do you think you can find it?

128. A great many parents (are willing to visit) famous universities before their children finish their secondary education.

129. It’s a long way from London to Moscow but London to Sydney is even (further).

130. I think Coventry will win the match but (few) people agree with me.

131. Lindsey and I have been writing regularly to (each other) for several years.

132. The performance of the English team was very (disappointing). They played much worse than expected.

133. 100000 babies (are) born in this hospital every year.

134. I’m going to (the) bank. I’m going to (/) Lloyd’s Bank.

135. I’ll see you at the meeting next week (unless) it’s cancelled before then.

136. Tom qualified (as) an engineer before attending a business school.

137. She enjoys going to parties and (dancing) in discos all night long.

138. He felt it strange (that) she would be late for class.

139. He got me (to look after) his parents when he joined the army.

140. Do we have (enough) money to last us the week?

141. –I went to the museum you introduced to me yesterday. –Oh, did you? (So did I).

142. I as well as all your classmates (am) ready to help you.

143. We need to spend more money on special hospitals and psychiatrists for (the mentally ill).

144. Five hundred dollars (is) expensive. Have you nothing cheaper?

145. I don’t know him very well, (although) I have met him socially on a couple of occasions.

146. I saw (a) man going into the office. I don’t know who (the) man was.

147. Is there a dry cleaning service in this hotel? I need to get my suit (cleaned).

148. Smoking is not (permitted) in many places nowadays.

149. I don’t understand this point of grammar. I wish I (understood) it better.

150. You can’t find many (men nurses) in a hospital.

151. After school, he helped his mother pick (cotton) in the field.

152. I’ll have a cup of tea and (two pieces of toast).

153. The (Germans) are a hard-working people.

154. I like that son of (John’s sister’s).

155. John and Mary aren’t (/) cousins; they are (/) brother and (/) sister.

156. I began to learn (/)English in (/) 1980.

157. Jim is studying (/) engineering.

158. Do you think this is (the) most beautiful scenery you’ve ever seen, (/) Miss Jackson?

159. They are going to give a dinner (in honor of) the new director.

160. (Their) school is not so big as (ours).

161. The teacher explained it again and again so as to make (herself) understood.

162. When I opened my eyes, I found (myself) in the darkness.

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